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Ping the Game!


Introducing Ping, the ping pong video game in which missiles are your offensive line. Barrage the ball with mini-missiles or charge up a massive Super Shot. Use power ups like Lightning and Magnet, master hidden skills like Mega Bullet and Lunge, and compete on 10 game-changing tables from Snow Fight to Final Frontier.

Ping is an indie game being made by 1 guy, and it’s coming to PC & Mac as soon as he can get it finished, currently looking like 1st quarter 2014. Keep up to date with Ping news on the Facebook page. In the meantime, you can try the first 3 tables of the beta in the free demo.

Like Ping on Facebook: facebook.com/pingthegame 

Follow developer Joe Rothenberg on Twitter: @pingthegame 

Trailer Preview

Learn about the team

Check out the blog

Feel free to ask me any questions! I hope you enjoy the demo, soon the game will be up and running for all to download!